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ENGin is a nonprofit organization changing the world one conversation at a time. We connect English-speaking volunteers ages 13+ with Ukrainians age 9+ for online speaking practice and cross-cultural exchange.

Through simple weekly virtual conversations, our volunteers make a huge impact - helping people overcome the language barrier, offering friendship and emotional support, and introducing them to a new culture. In a time of extreme stress for Ukrainians, weekly one-on-one conversations offer a lifeline of normalcy.

WHAT WE NEED: Are you ready to change a life from the comfort of home?

ENGin is looking for fluent English speakers to videochat with Ukrainian learners. This is a flexible and unique opportunity to make a huge impact while discovering a new culture and meeting a new friend!

We’ll pair you up with a student to videochat with each week at times that are convenient for you. No teaching experience or knowledge of Ukrainian is required. All of our students can understand and hold a basic conversation in English. 

Our only requirements for volunteers are English fluency, a strong internet connection, and the ability to commit to one hour a week for a minimum of 10-12 weeks. We provide training, support, and comprehensive session plans to guide your conversations.

Here's what three ENGin volunteers say about their experience. 

  • "This is an amazing organization that helps students learn English just by having conversations. It is a great experience, and I look forward to talking to my buddy every week. It is a great way to learn about Ukrainian culture and see a unique perspective."

  • "This program has been, I think, life-changing for both of us. I really consider her more like my daughter right now. That's how close we have become!"

  • "I'm so glad that I got this experience and was able to make a new friend. Teaching someone English is easy for anyone to do. By putting in a small amount of time, I'm able to make a huge impact on my student."

Our volunteer registration process looks like this: 

  1. Complete an application form (5 minutes)

  2. Attend a Zoom interview (15 minutes)

  3. Complete the program agreement (2 minutes)

  4. Attend a 2-part volunteer training (1-1.5 hours)

  5. Take the quiz (5 minutes)

  6. Get matched to a student!

To learn more about ENGin and become a volunteer, please visit www.enginprogram.org/volunteer. If you have any questions before signing up, please contact us at info@enginprogram.org.

Want to learn more about volunteering with ENGin before signing up? Register here to attend one of our weekly Zoom info sessions! This is an opportunity to meet one of our team members, learn more about ENGin, and ask questions.

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