Our mission statement is to show the unconditional love of God to students through loving God, loving each other and community. Northridge Christian Church began a campus ministry in 2011 when they acquired the church from First Christian Church. Since then the ministry has been reaching out to the students of GC&SU, GMC, and CGTC. In August of 2014, the ministry was named "Kudzu", with the mission of growing throughout the colleges of Milledgeville and making an impact for Christ.

During the semester, we meet Thursday nights at 6:30 for a free dinner, and then a program including music, prayer and a talk. Retreats, recreation, and service opportunities are also scheduled throughout the semester to give students the ability to build community. Small groups have also been formed and provide a more intimate way for students to grow together.
12 People | 86 Impacts | 349 Hours | 7,859 Total Economic Impact

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